GDM Pipelines and Facilities Data


CWD Inc. is an authorized reseller of GDM Data

CWD process the GDM datasets in order to allow us to offer both a spatial representation and a relational database representation of the key GDM data sets.

Pipeline Data

The GDM Pipeline database is the only industry source of accurate, comprehensive and current Canadian pipeline information. Used by the majority of the Canadian Oil and Gas industry, the database is ideally suited for evaluating and locating pipeline assets, integrity and risk management projects, GIS projects, and increasing field safety.

Gas Plants and Facilities

Access to the most accurate, comprehensive and current Facility and Gas Plant information available is critical when planning well tie-ins and other gas processing requirements. GDM has compiled information from all government sources and, most importantly, directly from operators for all active Gas Plants in Western Canada.

Low Pressure Pipelines

The GDM Low Pressure Gas Utility Data includes all low pressure distribution pipelines in Alberta outside of major cities and First Nation Reserves.  Information contained in the database include the spatial location of distribution lines, operator, and status as well as outside diameter and pipeline material information where available.  Rural gas distribution franchise boundaries and service points are also captured and supplied in the database.

Environmental Incidents

The Environmental Incident Database associates environmental incident-related information with the complex physical network of pipelines, facilities and wells in Western Canada.  Information maintained in the database includes environmental release and complaint events dating back to 1975 that are associated to the original licensee-of-record at the time of the event.

Spatial Data

Spatial data layers are available as ESRI File Geodatabase (FGDB Version 10).  Spatial data is available in either NAD27 or NAD83 datum.

Standard GDM spatial layers available from CWD Inc. are:

        GDM Facility Boundaries
        GDM Facility Points
        GDM Gas Plant Boundaries
        GDM Gas Plant Points
        GDM Pipe Segments
Delivery Options

CWD offers a variety of delivery choices. 

·         Secure real time connection to the CWD Data Center via Oracle Client

·         Monthly SQL Server or Oracle Database delivered by direct download or DVD delivery

·         Monthly Spatial Data downloads in File Geodatabase format (FGDB) for GIS systems

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