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Rendering Boreholes in 3D Using QGIS

One of CWD’s optional datasets is the Directional Survey data that is available with Express Wells. If you subscribe to the ‘Enhanced’ version, the two directional survey tables will be populated with over 90,000 surveys. The tables I’m talking about are part of the PPDM 371 model – WELL_DIR_SRVY and WELL_DIR_SRVY_STATION. Another component of the

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Introduction to IGDS data in PPDM

IGDS is a dataset from the Alberta Energy Regulator that provides reservoir attributes for over 368k wells in Alberta. As of the April 2017 release of Express Wells, we have loaded the IGDS data into the Zones and Interpretations subject area of the Express Wells PPDM model.  This data set is available to all Express

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Power BI Example Visualizations

Here is a land sale results example from Power BI Power BI Land sale Results and Postings:   Land Sale Results are on page 1 and Land Sale Notice postings are on page 2 Frac Completions: CWD Oil and Gas Production Well Report By Field

Changes to the Reserve ID

We have added more Alberta Reserve data to our database and in order to accommodate this we have made changes to the RESERVE_ID for Alberta.   The new data are WATER FLOODS, SOLVENT FLOODS & PRIMARY Oil Reserves (where available). The RESERVE_ID is the primary key for the Reserves subject area in the database and it is generated by us from the

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Welcome to the resource page for CWD Oil and Gas Data. We have put together a collection of posts to help get you started. Express Land and Express Wells provide the advantage of fully modeled and ready to use PPDM compliant wells and land data bases for Western Canada.